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Public Broadcasting in Brazil: images and perspectives of the audience. Challenges to overcome the Passive Symbolic and achieve social credibility

One of the biggest challenges for Brazilian public broadcasting lies in changing the perception that has been crystallized by the public in relation to such stations. Initial analysis of the data obtained so far shows that the respondents have a negative image in relation to public media. At times, the people manifest themselves in favor of the principles that should delimit the performance of radios and TVs, such as diversity, independence and differentiation from commercial media, but, which are not fully followed. At other times they criticize the quality of programming and the political-governmental character of these stations. In this critical scenario, the text presents a discussion on the challenges facing the sector considering the complex historical, cultural, and economic policy circumstances, that have contributed to the maintenance of this "symbolic liability" between media and the audience/citizens, and which reflects on the possible strategies to face the problem.

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